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Students who study abroad and wish to receive credit toward their degree will pay Suffolk University the full cost of tuition. Tuition for Suffolk Madrid is paid directly to the Madrid campus. Students participating in all other programs will pay tuition to Suffolk University's Boston campus.

Room and board costs are not included in the tuition for the program. This additional cost varies by program. Make your payment for room and board directly to the program or host institution. To find out the cost of room and board for your program, please contact our office. In addition, any courses you take with specific course-related fees are not covered by your Suffolk tuition payment and will be billed to you (the student) by the program.

Some students' financial aid package may cover the cost of their studies abroad. To learn more, please contact your financial aid counselor.

Personal Expenses

When estimating your budget outside of Suffolk University tuition and program room and board fees, consider two categories: your pre-departure expenses and post-arrival expenses.

Pre-departure costs may include, but are not limited to, passport fees, consular fees for a visa, airfare, local transportation, independent travel expenses (e.g. Eurail passes), luggage/backpack, and appropriate clothing. Students usually spend more money during the first few weeks while adjusting to their new surroundings. Take your own spending habits and lifestyle into account when estimating your expense budgets.
Consider the following expenses when estimating your budgets while abroad: weekend travel, local transportation, daily meals and dining out, entertainment, museum fees, laundry, postage, telephone costs, books, photocopying, Internet cafes, and personal items.
Note: ATMs overseas charge higher fees than domestic providers. Please contact your bank to verify overseas charges and special procedures such as international PIN numbers. Also, it's wise to arrange account access for a family member in the U.S. just in case you encounter any account issues abroad.