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Suffolk enrolls all students in Drum Cussac's Global Risk Manager while they are studying abroad. Drum is a service that provides immediate support for any challenges that arise when you're traveling. Services include medical assistance, security assistance, and travel assistance abroad. They also include pre-travel advising, such as providing information about vaccinations and other country-specific preparations. You will receive a Travel Risk Brief and Incident Alerts before and during travel from Drum Cussac. You can direct any questions to Drum's 24/7 Global Response Center at +1 857-343-8107 or Suffolk's Center for International Programs and Services.

Note: Drum Cussac is not a first responder. If you are in a true emergency and need medical or police assistance, you should call the country’s equivalent of 911.

We encourage you to learn more about the services available to you by taking these steps:
1: Save Drum Cussac’s contact information in your phone
2: Learn more about Drum Cussac services.
3: Download the app and register by logging in with your Suffolk username and password
4: Remember that you can contact Drum Cussac any time you have a problem while traveling